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SIPLEC teamed up with qualified manufacturers to design high-end garments, underwear, shoes, accessories, household linen and childcare products for E.LECLERC.

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Toddlers: clothes and childcare products

Our private labels

Clothing, Household Linen & Childcare

Tissaia Marque repère Mots d'enfants

SIPLEC teams supply :

  • clothing, household linen, shoes and other accessories categories under the brand Tissaia,
  • childcare products under the brand Mots d’Enfants.

These two brands are only available at E.LECLERC.
Some lines are permanent, others are seasonal or special offers. Tissaia‘s apparel and accessories product line – from fashion staples to large sizes, sportswear and trends – is geared towards women, men, teens, kids and toddlers, and features a variety of outfits.

Expertise in Production & Quality Control

Our in-house design studio comprises product managers, graphic designers, stylists and pattern makers. They create detailed technical files that cover everything from fabrics, color ranges, style drawings, patterns and measurement charts. These records are then forwarded to the manufacturers by our buyers, as proof of required quality and high standards.

SIPLEC quality control technicians and independent laboratories oversee the various stages of production: from fabric quality to color compliance, along with fittings on models.

On top of that, their role is to check product compliance with European and French rules and regulations, as well as E.LECLERC’s own standards, which exceed legal requirements (wear and tear testing, undesirable substances, appearance after washing, etc.).

This detail-oriented approach ensures stores receive well-cut, quality clothing, with consistent sizes from one manufacturer to the next.

Sustainable Products

Anxious to offer the best possible price/quality ratio to the customers shopping at E.LECLERC, we work in close collaboration with manufacturers in France, Europe and Asia. We focus on building fair, long-term relationships with our suppliers, and we’re proud to say that 85% of our suppliers are now loyal partners.

We make quality products, designed in full compliance with social and ethical standards. This means managing our processes, which are challenged every year during the annual audits required by our ISO 9001-2015 certification – Textile and footwear products, delivered by AFNOR.

All of our partners must commit to our Code of Business Conduct.

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Furthermore, all our manufacturing partners based in countries classified as being ” At Risk ” by the AMFORI BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) are all audited on social and ethics issues.

Do you share our CSR commitments? Are you a French, European or international manufacturer?

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Certification Labels

We know the impact our textile activities have on the environment, so we try to reduce the carbon footprint of our products.

To help, support and guide our customers throughout this entire process, labels are all marked Clevercare.info, which is a practical guide to good cleaning practices for reduced environmental impact.

Our products are certified by the most stringent certification labels and ECOCERT:

  • SIPLEC has been certified GOTS (sustainable organic cotton) since October 2021, this means all our products using organic cotton are manufactured in GOTS-certified factories.
  • SIPLEC has been certified GRS (recycled materials) since October 2021 so all our products using recycled fibers are manufactured in GRS-certified plants.

Are you a textile, footwear or accessories manufacturer? Do you design sustainable products?

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