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E.LECLERC takes pride in being different. The company gathers 600+ independent shop owners, entrepreneurs who embrace the same values and work together to build their own success.

Key figures for E.LECLERC 2023

61.8 bn

Turnover France
(including fuels)


market share *






drives and
drive-throughs *


gas stations *

* In France

E.LECLERC, a set of values that make a difference

A cooperative approach

E.LECLERC is led by businessmen, they’re store owners and entrepreneurs at the same time. Independence is the keystone of this human adventure which counts today more 600 members.

As opposed to the traditional integrated model, E.LECLERC Group supports each store’s independence and encourages personal initiative to help the company reach its goal: greater accessibility to consumer goods.

The model revolves around a strategic body, ACDLEC, in which all participants are members, and cooperatives (for referencing and procurement) at the regional, national and european levels.

SIPLEC is one of these cooperatives. Its governance is organized between an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board whose members are store owners.

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors

Philippe Amann

  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Philippe Michaud

Members are Entrepreneurs

At E.LECLERC, the store managers are business leaders. They’re independent store owners, members of the E.LECLERC cooperative, and as such, play an active role in the company’s operations.

To qualify as new members, employees must have been with the company for several years and have successfully held the position of store managers. They also need to be sponsored by other members who can validate their paths and provide support.

Members undertake to comply with a set of rules, including the following:

  • sell at the best price
  • distribute 25% of each store’s pre-tax profits to employees
  • participate voluntarily in the management of the collective tools of the Movement, in commissions where they are decision-makers.

A vision of the merchant profession:
social utility distributor

The founder of E.LECLERC, Mr. Edouard Leclerc wanted affordability, he wanted everyone to be able to buy what they needed. And so in 1949, he introduced a groundbreaking concept: the idea was to sell at wholesale prices, directly to individuals.

Along with him were other merchants ready to stand up for what they believed in, in the face of lobbies and public authorities, with a single goal in mind: to offer a variety of quality products and services at the best possible price.

The battle started with consumer products and over time spread to new services and offerings to satisfy emerging needs.

Picture: From the Archives – Edouard LECLERC, Founder of E.LECLERC FranceCharles COURRIERE/ PARISMATCH/SCOOP

E.LECLERC, a mindset for success

A clear understanding of the expectations and challenges of French people

Taking into account consumers’ daily issues, E.LECLERC chose to expand and/or change its offerings and services:

  • by launching a price comparison tool in 2006:
  • by rolling out offers that reflect evolving consumer practices, which have become plural
  • by testing local commercial concepts that could later be implemented nationwide, e.g. drive-throughs in 2007 or second-hand product aisles in 2018.

Accessibility is at the heart of everything we do

E.Leclerc is naturally inclusive. Not only in its internal policy, but also in the battles the company chooses to fight head-on, sometimes as a troublemaker, in an effort to provide access for all:

  • high-quality food
  • health products (drugstores, hearing aids, eyewear, beauty care centers)
  • mobility (vehicle rental, fuel) and to energy in general
  • culture and travel, with spaces dedicated to

E.Leclerc, a socially responsible company

Picture: Reusable shopping bag made of burlap tagged “For shopping and for the planet – E.LECLERC” : “Pour les emplettes et pour la planète – E.LECLERC”E.LECLERC – Vincent Krieger

A strong commitment to Sustainable Development

Some remarkable examples: In 1996, the company abolished single-use checkout bags; they stimulated energy savings through « energy bonuses » (“Primes énergie”); they held Europe’s largest annual environmental event « Nettoyons la nature » (« Clean up Nature »); they are committed to reducing the packagingof its branded products; they also built charging stations for electric vehicles along with photovoltaic systems in all of its store parking lots.

Members are instrumental in the local economic and social fabric

Aside from being a major employer in local areas, the company’s stores work to support local producers through “Local Alliances” and community associations (sports, solidarity, cultural).

Nationwide, E.Leclerc supports the Alzheimer’s Research Foundation and the French League against Cancer.