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This site has been created with the desire to provide its users with complete and transparent information, in accordance with the values to which SIPLEC and the E. Movement are committed. LECLERC have always been attached to.

Website owner

The SIPLEC company is the owner of the website Its head office is located in France, 26 quai Marcel Boyer in Ivry-sur-Seine (94200). Cooperative company with variable capital, with a Board of Directors and a Supervisory Board, SIPLEC is registered with the Créteil Trade and Companies Register under number B 315 281 113, SIRET 315 281 113 00052, code APE 4671Z and code T.V.A FR 37 315 281 113.

Phone: +33 (0) 1 49 87 50 00


Website hosting

Website hosted by SIPLEC whose address is 26 quai Marcel Boyer in Ivry-sur-Seine (94200).

Website :

Publication manager

Director of the publication of the site : Philippe Amann

Purpose of the website

The site intends to provide Internet users with information:

  • on the activities of the SIPLEC company, its organization and the values on which its action is based,
  • on the main characteristics and basic data of the E.LECLERC Movement,
  • on the potential for employment in France within the SIPLEC company.

This site hopes to answer in advance most of the questions of the users on these subjects.


This entire site is subject to French legislation on copyright and intellectual property. In application of the law of March 11, 1957 (art. 41) and the intellectual property code of July 1, 1992, any representation, reproduction, modification, commercial use, partial or total, as well as any transfer to another site are prohibited, except with the authorization of the company SIPLEC SA. The logos, visuals and pdf on this site are the property of the company SIPLEC SA. Any complete or partial reproduction of this site or of one of the elements which compose it is prohibited. The company SIPLEC SA reserves the right to ask for damages in case of counterfeit and more generally of infringement of its intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property rights

The information provided on the site can only be used for strictly personal purposes. Any use made for commercial or any other purpose is purely and simply prohibited.

In addition, the elements present on this site are protected by the Intellectual Property Code, treaties and international agreements dealing with provisions relating to the protection of copyright. Thus, any modification, representation and reproduction in whole or in part, for any use other than private, is strictly prohibited. This prohibition applies regardless of the process of reproduction, representation and/or modification, and regardless of its duration.

In general, the SIPLEC company cannot be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting from the prohibited use of the information or any other element, delivered on the website

Management of the links

The website provides access to E.Leclerc Movement sites and to external partner websites, through hypertext links or by integrating partner content into the website.

Although the choice of links to external Internet sites has been the object of care and vigilance, SIPLEC S.A. cannot be held responsible for the availability of these external Internet sites. SIPLEC S.A. cannot be held responsible for the contents, advertising, products, services or any other material coming from or available on or from these external websites.

SIPLEC S.A. cannot be held responsible for the actions or possible omissions of its partners.

We invite you to read, if need be, the welcome charter of these websites during your first visit.

Limitation of liability

SIPLEC S.A. takes the greatest care and implements any means to diffuse on the website quality information.

SIPLEC S.A. could not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the access to its Internet site and those of its partners, or on the contrary of the impossibility to reach it.

SIPLEC S.A. could not be held responsible for the delay, the loss or the bad distribution of a mail/e-mail, nor of its sending or not to an erroneous e-mail address.


The SIPLEC company reserves the right to update the information notice at any time. It therefore invites the users of the website to regularly check the data and information contained therein.

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