Stock Clearance

Together, let’s contribute to the circular economy by de-stocking unsold goods.

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Business Categories

Household products

(dishwashing liquids, detergents, etc.)


(shower gels, perfumes)

(toilet paper, paper towels, sanitary pads)


(sweet, savory)


(canned or bottled drinks)



De-stock your unsold goods

SIPLEC has implemented a system to help dispose of unsold goods from EU manufacturers (packaging changes, discontinued products, inventory overruns…). These unsold products are then returned to the E.LECLERC sales circuit.

We liaise between vendors (industrial or commercial) and our regional platforms, so as to simplify the de-stocking process. In this way, SIPLEC is involved in the circular economy.

Product quality
and healthiness are paramount

SIPLEC takes pride in selecting quality de-stocked products, and this applies to all its goods.
Each batch undergoes extensive checks on the following points:

  • compliance with EU standards, applicable to the product category
  • traceability to the batch number: we check that the products have not been recalled via the European recall database
  • product “healthiness”: we do not accept short-dated or expired products

In full compliance
with trademark law

We have established a rigorous legal framework to safeguard our de-stocking processes to protect brand rights and combat counterfeiting. Specific documents are requested from our de-stocking partners and stringently checked.

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