Trading responsibly

SIPLEC is committed to sourcing quality products from manufacturers with high social and ethical standards. We always seek to build fair, long-term relationships with our suppliers.

E.LECLERC stores have a long-standing ambition: to offer great prices without compromising on product quality. This is why SIPLEC is extra demanding when selecting and monitoring manufacturers. From the outset, we set clear expectations for our suppliers and expect them to stick exactly to the detailed product specifications set out in our manufacturing contracts.

When purchasing abroad, SIPLEC acts responsibly and sustainably, in line with the group’s policy of Corporate Social Responsibility.

We also monitor our suppliers to check that they comply with our high social and ethical standards. We focus on:

  • respect for individual rights and dignity
  • protection of the environment
  • promotion of sustainable growth

Between two projects of similar quality, we always choose what’s best for people and the planet. SIPLEC always deals directly with manufacturers, processors and packers, refusing any kind of intermediation services. This direct approach allows us to ensure that our suppliers are operating to the highest ethical standards.

Fair and lasting relationships

SIPLEC seeks to build fair and lasting relationships with suppliers – and rejects shortsighted opportunism. In return, they enjoy the assurance of a long-term, profitable relationship with the entire E.LECLERC distribution network – and the consumers themselves. In 2020, 85% of SIPLEC’s business was with producers we’d worked with for at least 3 years.

In September 2012, SIPLEC joined AMFORI BSCI (formerly known as BSCI – Business Social Compliance Initiative), uniting, in 2019, 2 500 members (companies, retailers…) working with 62 500 suppliers around the world. The AMFORI BSCI code of conduct aims to focus on sourcing activities and buying practices in order to demonstrate concrete involvement of suppliers and share audit results. Our membership involves a commitment in a continuous improvement process.

SIPLEC’s Business Code of Conduct

We requires our suppliers to adopt the rules of conduct spelled out in our Business Code of Conduct and sometimes to participate in action plans for the improvement of working conditions or environmental performance. Our Code sets rules for ourselves and our suppliers with regards to:

  • Business ethics: principles, personal data protection-GDPR, alert system, sanctions,
  • Bribery, influence peddling and relations with third parties
  • Health, safety and environment protection
  • Employment and working conditions

All companies wishing to do business with SIPLEC must first agree to apply these policies and to give access to third party auditors, who may check compliance during the full duration of the contract.

Compliance of practices

Our internal alert system is intended to collect reports, from employees or third parties relating, about non-compliant practices with our Business Code of Conduct. Any doubt or suspicious situations can be reported on our alert platform

We recommend using private device to connect our platform with this URL adress.