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Your best practices: tell us about them!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) exists when a company voluntarily includes social and environmental considerations into its business activities and its relations with stakeholders.

Adopting CSR provides an opportunity to define a new strategy. SIPLEC is committed to this principle and focuses on four areas: employees, suppliers, consumers and citizens.

We would therefore like to know about your company’s practices for sustainable and ethical business. What actions you have carried out on your own initiative, above and beyond legal requirements?

So please describe your initiatives in as much detail as possible in the “Additional company information” section.

They may fall within four categories:

  • Targeting your employees: Safety – Protection – Health – Working conditions, pay – Employees with disabilities – etc.
  • Targeting citizens: Protecting the environment – Reducing carbon footprint – Communities integration – Partnerships with NGOs – etc.
  • Targeting your suppliers: Integration of CSR criteria into purchasing decisions – etc.
  • Targeting your customers (beyond legal requirements): Research and innovation – Eco-design of products – Consumer health – Self-assessment: independent audits – etc.

All SIPLEC’s ethical commitments and principles have been listed in its Business Code of Conduct.

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