Preserving the environment

Making sure our goods are produced using environmentally sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques is one of our priorities.

SIPLEC is strongly dedicated to protecting the environment. A number of key challenges are at stake: preserving natural resources, maintaining communities’ sustainability and securing the supply of our products. We therefore take care of:

  • the origin of products and their packaging
  • manufacturing methods
  • manufacturing facilities
  • the end of the life of our products (recycling)

We encourage our partners to protect the environment and help them work in stable and safe conditions. We draw up action plans to improve the working conditions in the plants and to make production more environmentally friendly (by cutting back on energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, waste…). Ahead of the manufacturing process itself, we increasingly work with producers on components and raw materials.

Some examples :

  • E.LECLERC is a member of the Earthworm Foundation (formerly known as The Forest Trust), an organization that works on the supply chain in order to put on the market responsible products. SIPLEC traces the wood used in all our tropical wood products to their legal (through DDS System) and responsible (through the FSC® certification) sources. SIPLEC is actively involved in selecting wood-based products such as stationery.
  • Back in 1994, SIPLEC was the first independent company in France to develop biofuels for petrol and diesel engines. In 2004, we shocked the petroleum industry by adding pure ethanol in 95 super unleaded for the first time. Then, we also introduced E85 bioethanol in the French market and delivered E10 super to petrol stations.
  • When shipping our supplies by sea, we take particular care to choose vessels that provide good safety features in terms of their age and architecture. We insist, in particular, on a double hull. We audit our petroleum storage facilities regularly, checking that environmental risks are fully under control.

> Find all of SIPLEC’s commitments and ethical principles in its Business Code of Conduct.