Ensuring safety and quality

An essential part of SIPLEC’s work is ensuring that the products sold in E.LECLERC stores are safe and reliable for our consumers. We test products before, during and after production to ensure they comply with the latest international and local standards.

Our concern for quality defines our entire activity. A lot depends on the systematic care we take to eliminate risks.
We have well-established quality processes for every stage of the design-production-import cycle. We go even way beyond regulatory requirements, regularly upgrading our checks at every stage of the supply chain, not just on the final products.
We select suppliers on the basis of operational and labor audits.
We ensure our products comply with relevant EU and French regulations, as well as the performance levels expected from consumers.

Siplec conducts products testing to make sure its products are safe     

Our quality department

SIPLEC’s quality department in France is backed by a dedicated team in Asia.
Its mission is to:

  • commission and survey process, labor audits
  • suggest improvement to be negotiated with local business developers
  • monitor the strict compliance of final products with contractual specifications and relevant international, EU and French standards.
  • define the expected performance levels of the product

Defects and misconduct require immediate corrective action and put the continuation of our relationship with the supplier at risk.

Manufactured products

All the checks commissioned by SIPLEC are inspired by our Business Code of Conduct and by a number of EU regulations applicable to specific products, including the EU’s General Product Safety Directive applicable to all imported and manufactured products. As an importer for E.LECLERC stores, we also must comply with a number of requirements spelled out in article L212-1 of the French Consumer Code (Code de la consommation). Assessments and checks are always carried out by independent labs and inspection companies belonging to international groups, with their own laboratories in Europe. Our main partners are SGS, Intertek and Bureau Veritas.

Energy products

Our energy products meet the main requirements of the following standards:

  • EN590 for distillates (diesel, fuel oil)
  • EN228 (petrol)
  • EN1442 (bottled gas production)


Useful links for imported goods standards and best practices applicable to products imported into Europe and France:

Association Française de Normalisation (French Standards Association)
AFNOR is the main operator of the French standards system. Their portal also provides a comprehensive list of EU and international standards.

European Commission
On the EU portal, you will find all relevant information on the policies and regulations approved in the Union in all branches of industry and agriculture.