SIPLEC partners with creative producers to design collections of clothing, shoes, accessories and household linen for E.LECLERC stores.

We give our partners detailed technical specifications, down to the sizing scales and instructions for the designers. We coordinate designs and color schemes across multiple manufacturers to offer style-conscious consumers attractive options from head to toe.

Before approving an item for production, SIPLEC’s fashion team in France double checks the color swatches and sizing scales presented by our manufacturing partners. We then ask professional models to try on the items to assess their look and feel in real life. This attention to detail keeps E.LECLERC stores supplied with well-cut, quality garments, with consistent sizing from one manufacturer to another.

Our job is also to check that all products comply with EU and French regulations, as well as E.LECLERC’s own standards – which go well above the legal requirements.

As in all our lines of business, SIPLEC also focuses on the production process itself. We audit factories, evaluate their environmental footprint, analyze working conditions, etc.

E.LECLERC markets all fashion products under its own brands. Some ranges are permanent, other are seasonal and promotional offers. In addition to our organic cotton range, segmentation goes from basic to trendy and fashionable.

Our textile and shoes products

Siplec E Leclerc clothes such as dresses, jeans, shirts, skirts, jackets


Siplec E Leclerc accessories such as hat, scarf, gloves


Siplec E Leclerc underwears


Siplec E Leclerc socks


Siplec E Leclerc tights


Siplec E Leclerc household linen


Siplec E Leclerc city shoes


Siplec E Leclerc sport shoes


Siplec E Leclerc slippers


Siplec E Leclerc sandals, beach shoes and flip flops


Siplec E Leclerc canvas shoes