For the E.LECLERC stores, SIPLEC develops and imports different types of products, for own-brand ranges as well as for one-off promotional sales.

When importing a product, our number one priority is guaranteeing consumers’ safety. Before we purchase a product, we take a strong interest in its manufacturing processes. We begin by auditing the factory, developing the product together and controlling the production process. We check precisely that each product complies with EU and French standards. As these regulations keep changing – much like our consumers’ expectations – we regularly fine-tune and expand our product testing protocols.

SIPLEC also aims at importing products that are produced in an environmentally responsible way. In line with E.LECLERC policy, we always monitor production conditions to ensure full traceability and check on social and environmental impacts. We are very active in the campaign against the illegal trade in exotic timber. We trace the wood used in our garden furniture to its source and stay away from endangered timber species. Since 2004, E.LECLERC is a buying member of Earthworm Foundation (formerly known as The Forest Trust), an organization that controls the origin of timber used by our suppliers. Today, the exotic woods used in products bought by SIPLEC is 100% certified by the Forest Steward Council. This certification guarantees that the forestry methods used are environmentally friendly, beneficial to local communities and economically viable.

SIPLEC also develops green products in an increasing number of hardline categories:

  • stationery with the environmental labels relevant to each product (FSC®, PEFC)
  • gardening aids for organic farming (fertilizers, etc.)
  • environmentally friendly car maintenance products.

Our hardline products

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