SIPLEC’s original goal was to import fuels directly so we could retail at a lower price than our established competitors.

SIPLEC was created in 1979 to challenge the monopoly of major oil companies in the French market. Today, we are the country’s second largest distributor and the leader among retailers. In 2019, SIPLEC sold 10.2 million m3 of fuel to its clients.

SIPLEC purchases refined petroleum products from the world’s top ten suppliers and the main European traders. We have them shipped by vessel, train or pipeline to one of the 39 petroleum depots in France where we rent or own capacities.

We are extra careful that our products meet all legal requirements specified by French standards. We commission checks at all stages of the logistical chain.


Since 1994, SIPLEC pioneers the development of so-called green fuels. We have explored all known methods of including plant-based products in fuels: ethanol, FAME, ETBE (Ethyl Tertio Butyl Ether). However, we don’t use alcohols from plantations that compete with food crops and could harm the local economy.

In addition to mainstream plant-based fuel products, SIPLEC also markets three specific biofuels: E10, B30 and E85 (“superethanol”).


Our purchasing contracts, on the spot and medium-term markets, require suppliers to comply with all relevant local standards. Then, at each of our 39 petroleum depots, we perform quality controls from once to twice a month. Two independent labs, commissioned and certified by accreditation body COFRAC, carry out systematic sampling and analyses. Each year, they take 3,200 samples and perform 39,180 checks. We can trace each lot that enters the storage plant.

We also test the petrol stations themselves to guarantee consumer safety, product quality and environmental friendliness.


When E.LECLERC opened the first independent motorway petrol station in 1990, its goal was the same as in retail: to break a de facto monopoly and lower prices for consumers. Today, SODIPLEC, a fully owned SIPLEC subsidiary, runs a network of 11 petrol stations on French motorways. Each station is systematically selling the cheapest fuel on the motorway section it was built.


True to its ongoing battle against all barriers to free competition, E.LECLERC used SIPLEC to break the natural gas oligopoly in France in 2005. We launched a range of three bottles under the brand name CLAIRGAZ: a 13 kg and 6 kg bottle of butane gas, and an 11 kg bottle of propane gas.

We closely monitor the quality of our cylinders to guarantee consumer safety:

  • during cylinder production (EN 1442 standard) and at the filling centre –  SIPLEC carries out extra technical audits in addition to those required by law
  • at the filling centre – we inspect cylinders one by one and when in doubt, they are removed
  • after filling, we keep checking weight, overfilling, flow regulator, valve, and airtight seals
  • at our E.LECLERC sales points, the bottles are properly stored.


In September 2018, E. Leclerc continued its fight for consumer purchasing power by launching its electricity offer for residential.

Its goal: offer the cheapest price on the market.

Currently available only in France, this “green” offer benefits from the “Guarantee of Origin” certificate, testifying that each KWh of electricity purchased has been produced from a renewable energy source (hydro, wind and solar).


Our Energy expertise also extends through different other services:

  • a fuel card for BtoB clients named la Carte carburant pro E.Leclerc.
  • a series of programs – targeting consumers, BtoB clients, E.LECLERC stores – aiming at encouraging energy savings.
  • the deployment of electric vehicle charging stations in the car parks of E.LECLERC stores.

Our energy services and products

Siplec E Leclerc fuel distribution


Siplec E Leclerc petrol station

Petrol station

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Gas cylinder

Siplec E Leclerc fleet fuel card

Fleet fuel card

Siplec E Leclerc charging stations for electric vehicles

Charging stations for electric vehicles


Energy Savings Certificate


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