Own brand development

Over the years, developing E.LECLERC own-brand products has become an increasingly large part of SIPLEC’s business. In 2019, this activity accounted for almost 64% of our non-energy turnover.

The E.LECLERC group excels at developing own-brand products, which can be found in all departments of our stores. Our own brands first appeared on the hypermarket shelves about 31 years ago. They are now hugely popular and attract a large and loyal customer base, thanks to forceful marketing and excellent value. For consumers, an E.LECLERC brand is the best guarantee of quality and safety at an extremely competitive price.

In 2000, the E.LECLERC group put SIPLEC in charge of developing own-brand non-food products: hardline (household items, etc.), clothing and shoes. By 2008, this activity accounted for more than half of our manufactured products turnover.

Our product development teams design manufactured, food and energy products in close cooperation with producers. They apply a rigorous quality assurance process that includes:

  • detailed product specifications
  • careful selection of the manufacturer (environmental and labor practices audits)
  • comprehensive product testing: technical performance, chemical make-up, aesthetics, feel or taste, comparison with similar products on the market
  • for textile products, patterns and sizing defined by our dedicated team
  • packaging design and related editorial content (e.g. instructions for use)
  • laboratory tests and visual inspections prior to shipment
  • inspection upon delivery

Our own brands having a strong impact on our group’s image as a whole, we are extra demanding when selecting and monitoring manufacturers. In return, they enjoy the assurance of a long-term, profitable relationship with the entire E.LECLERC distribution network – and the consumers themselves.

SIPLEC aims to take green design one step further. We look at a product’s environmental footprint throughout its lifecycle, from raw materials to production, transport, use and disposal. We focus in particular on reducing packaging, cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions and waste, and using recycled, renewable and biodegradable materials. In addition, we evaluate the working conditions of those who produce and handle the products and seek to develop commercial relationships with companies with sound HR practices.

Main E.LECLERC brands handled by SIPLEC

SIPLEC creates and launches innovations for many ‘expert’ product lines, including:

 Logo_BeauxJours  Logo_Elsay  Logo_Esquisse
 Logo_Homeside  Logo_KidWay  Logo_Linkster
 Logo_DecoFetes  Logo_Foxter  Logo_RiverSide
 Logo_Tech9  Logo_Woodsun


    ECO +

  • Created in 1999
  • Categories: food and non-food products
  • Eco+ is the E.LECLERC’s discount brand



  • Created in 1991
  • Categories : textile products (Men, Women, Children)
  • Tissaïa is the E.LECLERC fashion label that offers an  ideal combination of price and quality


SIPLEC also develops and supplies a number of other own brands, each with their own distinct identity and look. This activity spans from energy products to general merchandise such as gas cylinders (Clairgaz brand).