International purchasing

From clothing to hardline, we have always been focusing on importing quality products that are both sourced and manufactured to the highest standards, anywhere in the world.

E.LECLERC consumers expect safe, reliable, well-packaged, competitively priced products. They also want dependable quality and consistent garment sizes. As for the E.LECLERC stores, they need fast and reliable supplies, in sufficient quantities, sticking to the delivery schedule.

To meet these expectations and offer the best value for money, SIPLEC International’s purchasing entities focus on international sourcing and trade.

Our expertise covers:

  • sourcing worldwide
  • evaluating and selecting suppliers
  • purchasing products with highly fluctuating prices
  • ensuring product compliance with EU standards
  • organizing air, sea and ground logistics
  • handling European customs procedures
  • managing stocks
  • managing the exchange rate risk

We control the entire import cycle and can therefore minimize all costs. Everybody wins: we keep our prices low, while paying producers fairly. Full control of the supply chain also helps us time things right and deliver products to the store just when our consumers want them.

We coordinate the international purchasing activities from our head office in Ivry-sur-Seine, a Paris suburb, with support from subsidiaries SIPLEC International (sourcing and manufacturer relations) and CEDILEC (handling, storage and dispatch of imported goods to E.LECLERC local warehouses and stores).

Working out of our local offices around the world, our business developers seek out and assess opportunities for our customers. How competitive is this product? How skillful is this producer? What’s his track record in labor relations and environmental performance?
Our offices compile shortlists of suitable offers and factories and hand them over to the French buyers, the final decision-makers. These buyers are often storeowners and have a keen knowledge of consumers’ expectations.