Who we are

SIPLEC, an E.LECLERC company, imports goods for the group’s 804 supermarkets and hypermarkets across Europe. We deal in most categories of consumer goods – textile, shoes, hardline – as well as fuels.

Created in 1979, SIPLEC is fully owned by the E.LECLERC group, one of France’s leading manufactured products and fuels retailers.

SIPLEC has two main lines of business:

Initially founded to deal in petroleum products, SIPLEC soon demonstrated its ability to negotiate prices in tricky markets and keep E.LECLERC stores always well-supplied. The company quickly expanded into new lines of business and started importing manufactured goods in the mid-1980s and foodstuffs in 1990. In 2000, SIPLEC reached a fourth stage in its development: the group asked us to design, purchase and market non-food products sold under a private label.

Our offices around the world build direct relationships with producers, giving the E.LECLERC group complete control over its international purchasing.

SIPLEC is involved in a European retail alliance with Rewe, Coop Italia and Ahold.

SIPLEC, an importer with a difference

Fully-owned by the E.LECLERC group, we have some unique characteristics:

  • SIPLEC is a cooperative. As a non-profit entity, we pass on all the added value we create to our members, through low prices, rebates, etc.
  • SIPLEC puts the E.LECLERC values into practice every day: respect others, fulfill our commitments.

We expect the best from our people and are equally demanding of our partners, to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality for our consumers.

Siplec company logo

Responsible sourcing

When purchasing abroad, we act responsibly and sustainably, in line with E.LECLERC’s policy of Corporate Social Responsibility. We focus on:

  • respect for individual rights and dignity
  • protection of the environment
  • promotion of sustainable growth

Our fundamental values are integrity, professionalism, respect (in all its forms: for people, commitments, environment, etc.), a constant concern for safety, a responsible attitude towards the community and exemplary behaviour.

Concerned with applying these principles to its employees, suppliers, service providers and customers, SIPLEC is committed to a global ethical approach. Then, we have implemented a Business Code of Conduct and an alert system to report non-compliant practices.